Corallo makes Sicilian pistachio an undisputed protagonist of its production, offering a variety of specialties that allow you to savor its intense and unmistakable flavor through characteristic products of the Sicilian confectionery tradition.

Soft and delicate almond pastries with pistachio; crunchy cannoli filled with delicious pistachio cream; soft and enveloping pistachio spread; shortcrust cookies filled with pistachio, covered in white chocolate. And last but not least, the crunchy texture of Sicilian pistachio granules meets the taste of Modica chocolate in a distinctive bar that creates a satisfying blend of Sicilian fragrances and flavors.

A very ancient plant, originating from Turkey and Persia and already well-known to the Jews, pistachio arrived on the Sicilian shores thanks to the Arabs, who introduced its cultivation to the island for the first time, making Sicily the only Italian region producing pistachios.

But it is especially on the slopes of Mount Etna that pistachio finds its natural habitat: the Green Gold of Bronte is, in fact, the flagship of Sicilian pistachios.

Its fame has grown enormously over the years, to the point that it obtained the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) in 2009, becoming one of the most sought-after ingredients by pastry shops worldwide


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