The history of Dolceria Corallo is the story of three generations who, with sacrifice, passion, and dedication, have built a solid reality in their territory, the County of Modica, with the aim of promoting Sicily in Italy and worldwide.

It was the 1960s when Giorgio Corallo decided to open a small bakery in his hometown of Modica, starting a family business and demonstrating excellent entrepreneurial spirit from the beginning.

In a short time, what had started as a small bread shop began to specialize in the production of cookies and other baked goods. In 1992, Giorgio's daughter, Raffaella, ventured into the world of pastry, expanding the cookie production and creating a proper business.

In 2008, the global crisis hit the confectionery industry hard, posing challenges to the family business, which lost customers and market share. Only through passion, sacrifice, and with the help of her sons, Giulio and Salvatore, Raffaella and her husband managed to overcome the crisis and make the business even stronger than before.

In 2016, the third generation of the Corallo family fully entered the management of the business, bringing a youthful, fresh, and innovative strength to the company. With the support and experience of their parents, and fueled by innate entrepreneurial skills, Giulio and Salvatore seized new opportunities and expanded the business throughout Italy and abroad.

Today, Corallo company brings the specialties of its region to the world. Tradition and craftsmanship are at the heart of production, which continues to follow ancient recipes. Alongside the traditional lines, the company introduces revised and innovative products, dedicating efforts to research and the creation of new recipes that give life to new and original products.


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