Conscious of the immense richness offered by its land, Dolceria Corallo makes Sicilian culture the cornerstone of its production, highlighting the work of local farmers, producers, companies, and artisans to create products with a Sicilian soul.

Corallo promotes excellence in Made in Sicily both in Italy and around the world through authentic products from a land made of taste, history, and tradition.

All the specialties of Dolceria Corallo result from artisanal production, mostly made with local raw materials: a quality choice that guarantees consumers the authenticity of the products and the traceability of the ingredients.

The selection of raw materials aims to choose the best fruits of our land. For our Sicilian traditional specialties, we use Sicilian oranges and lemons, Sicilian pistachios, and Sicilian almonds. Fresh eggs, a fundamental ingredient in all our recipes, come exclusively from local free-range farms, with guaranteed traceability. The flour we use is strictly obtained from Italian wheat.

What cannot be sourced locally is carefully selected for quality and origin, prioritizing Italian raw materials


Special conditions for businesses

If you are a wholesaler, retailer, or owner of shops, bars, restaurants, or hotels in Italy or abroad, or if you are simply looking for a manufacturer for private labeling, fill out the form to receive offers and favorable conditions and become part of the Corallo distribution network.