The online shop of Dolceria Corallo.

All the specialties of Sicilian pastry tradition delivered to your doorstep.

Directly from the laboratories of Dolceria Corallo, we bring the sweets and specialties of Sicilian pastry to the world, to showcase the uniqueness and craftsmanship of a timeless tradition.

Modica IGP chocolate, Sicilian almond pastries, pistachio specialties, typical sweets from Modica, and traditional Sicilian biscuits: all our products are prepared using the finest Sicilian and Italian ingredients, with artisanal care and attention to quality.

All the Sicilian specialties from Dolceria Corallo are available online, in various sizes and packaging options to cater to our customers' needs.

Ready to be shipped worldwide, our products are daily packaged in our laboratories to ensure freshness, and they are suitable for long-term storage, preserving the tastes and flavors of Sicilian pastry specialties.


Special conditions for businesses

If you are a wholesaler, retailer, or owner of shops, bars, restaurants, or hotels in Italy or abroad, or if you are simply looking for a manufacturer for private labeling, fill out the form to receive offers and favorable conditions and become part of the Corallo distribution network.