Practical countertop or shelf displays to let you taste Corallo's sweets.

Corallo offers a line of countertop displays dedicated to the Ho.Re.Ca channel, designed for shelves and counters in bars, restaurants, tobacco shops, and retail stores. Practical, convenient, and elegant, they are designed to tempt customers with traditional Sicilian sweets and the goodness of IGP Modica chocolate.

Choose from displays for Ricci, Campanelle, Cannoli, and IGP Modica Chocolate. The cookies are individually packaged inside.

For IGP Modica Chocolate, there are two types of displays available: one for chocolate bars, which can be refilled multiple times, and another containing Mini Cioccolatini in 5 flavors: chili pepper, pistachio, Sicilian citrus, coffee, and 75% cocoa, allowing you to enjoy all the goodness of chocolate in a single bite!


Special conditions for businesses

If you are a wholesaler, retailer, or owner of shops, bars, restaurants, or hotels in Italy or abroad, or if you are simply looking for a manufacturer for private labeling, fill out the form to receive offers and favorable conditions and become part of the Corallo distribution network.