Modica I.G.P Chocolate

A wide range of flavors and variations of Sicily's most famous chocolate.

The unique and authentic IGP Modica Chocolate, produced using the cold processing technique, as per tradition.

Corallo celebrates the most renowned sweet recipe from Modica, offering a wide range of flavors and variations: delightful combinations of aromas and flavors that provide the palate with unique and surprising sensations!

Alongside the classic flavors of Modica tradition like Cinnamon and Vanilla, you can choose from numerous recipes where the intense taste of cocoa combines with the most characteristic flavors of Sicily and a selection of refined aromas. Lemon and Sicilian Citrus Chocolate for a refreshing sensation; Almond and Hazelnut Chocolate to savor the goodness of dried fruits; the inevitable Pistachio Chocolate, enriched with pistachio grains for an excellent Sicilian chocolate bar, and many others for an explosion of exceptional tastes and aromas.


Special conditions for businesses

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