Characterized by the delicate and unmistakable taste of Sicilian almonds, these sweet treats are a true icon of Sicilian confectionery tradition.

Corallo revives the tradition of Sicilian almond pastries by reinterpreting the recipe to create new delicacies: our Ricci, Fiocchi di neve, Sicilian Amaretti, and Mandorlini are artisanally produced with Sicilian ingredients.

The almond sweets from Dolceria Corallo combine the almond flavor with other prominent flavors of Sicilian confectionery tradition such as pistachio, coffee, oranges, lemons, and carob, for an irresistible celebration of taste and Sicilian essence.

The history of almond sweets begins in the 1100s at the Martorana Convent in Palermo, where the monks created the first almond paste, giving it the name "reale" (royal) to emphasize its goodness, implying that it was a sweet worthy of a king.

In reality, some believe that the origins date back even further to the 7th century when the Arabs first combined sugar with ground almonds, creating the first almond paste recipe.

According to the traditional recipe, almond sweets are made with very few ingredients: almond flour, sugar, and eggs. With a soft center and a slightly crunchy exterior, they are decorated with candied cherries, almonds, or coffee beans.

Simple and with a refined taste, these sweets are perfect to accompany afternoon tea or as a dessert after meals, providing the palate with a delicate treat.

In Sicily, they hold a place of honor on the table, especially during Easter and Christmas festivities, essential to sweeten the meals of celebrations in Sicily.


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